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In creating a coordinated entertainment experience, transmedia storytelling seems to be the most appropriate way to achieve that process. In the words of Miller (2013),


“Transmedia storytelling is the ideal aesthetic form for an era of collective intelligence.”


When I think of a successful transmedia storytelling experience, I think of Harry Potter.





Growing up, the Harry Potter franchise was a huge part of my life, and I actively read every book and movie in the series. I recall when they announced they would make the last movie into two separate films, thus extending the storytelling experience. Following the publication of the final book and movie, the franchise released a website, Pottermore, in which you could sort yourself into one of the four houses (I’m a Hufflepuff). All of these features contribute to the shaping of the Harry Potter world, and create an immersive experience in which a fan can engage with the story across multiple platforms.


For my own website, I’m not sure if transmedia storytelling is something that I’ve been focused on developing. Perhaps, if I should continue camitheveggie in the future, I will create an Instagram account to accompany the blog which would provide more emphasis on the photos of the food itself, but until I improve upon my photography skills, that aspect of transmedia storytelling will have to wait.

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